Truth And Bias Are Mutually Exclusive?

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Truth And Bias Are Mutually Exclusive? Overheard in my email box, by a journalist/media dude that chose to not be identified. How strange I thought, but it struck me as something I wanted you to hear.“I have found that truth and bias are often mutually exclusive. Can you cover global warming with a facade of no treat a nut-bird like James Inhoffe with an even hand? The business, and indeed the facade, have traditional journalistic middle ground is increasingly defunct.It has always been a myth, albeit a relative one. Walter Cronkite had lots of integrity but admitted to all sorts of bias that huge impact on his work and the country”The Economist” is quite credible but lives and breathes to pursue its biased world-view and has no problem using completely compromised anonymous authors to advance its agenda.

TMZ is extremely credible amid its own tawdry milieu as they pay cash money for true facts from the police and are almost always accurate.

Fox is accurate simply because they claim to be and a vast number of people believe something if you say it over and over again while tickling them in the right place.

Truth is one the great, unwashed see it in only one way…. to bastardize a famous South Asian fellow. It is however impossible to dismiss the wisdom of the crowd when you query “: the stream” to find out what people care about… their truth…thus technology has enabled an entirely new measure.

If I’m speaking in a sort of self-righteous way maybe the best one can hope for is a palate of rigorously reported facts with self-identified bias and enough people out there capable of making up their own mind… ” Truth And Bias Are Mutually Exclusive?

Tony Greenberg

I speed through life building relationships, businesses and finding extraordinary people and contemplating the curious decisions they make. The premise of this space is to expose the bridges and chasms of trust, truth and bias that I encounter daily.

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