Would You Hire Someone Who Led a Rebellion?

Leadership of a rebellion Top X lists are generally clickbait tripe. But we need people, I need to interview them,

Alex Veytsel Alex Veytsel

The Ties That Bind – Interpersonal Relationships Amended For The New Century

The world is chock full of bad relationship advice. The sources are myriad. Glossy magazines like GQ and Cosmopolitan are

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

The Right Numbers: Supplier Fit, Gross National Happiness, and Blockchain

The world is in the midst of a statistical revolution. Everything from professional sports to advertising to education to technology

Mark de Scande Mark de Scande
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Davos 2022 – World Economic Forum. Here we come!

Hello Family!!! Tony Greenberg and Wulf Kaal are hitting the road and heading to Davos for the World Economic Forum May 22-26. Tim Lewis and Dustin Boyer are staying with

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

Forward Health is a sideway step at best

Hey Adrian Aoun, CEO of Forward Health. Call me. I am a real live 4-year customer, client and patient of your chain of doctors offices, charging me a $150 monthly

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

Covid Deniers Need to Take a Breath

Anti-vaxxers swept up by false beliefs prolong the pandemic I thought this pandemic would be over by now. Well, not really. It could have been. We have a vaccine that

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

Mastering Human and Business Development

Intros that Elevate the Universe's Energy: The Checklist As a kid in Minnesota, I introduced my friends to the best stuff: the 7-Eleven with the slushiest Slurpee, the shiniest guitar

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

More Ignorance or Indignance in the Wake of Covid?

“Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of the earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg


Hypocrisy is the compliment vice pays to virtue. La Rochefoucauld The original article here: Thrilled to see the other Marc Weinstein assessment here By Tony Greenberg & Alex Veytsel of RampRate Marc

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

From Supply Chain to the Blockchain: Heal the Body, Mind, & Earth

After 20 years, it’s clear that it’s time to “Elevate the Way Business does Business”. “We’ve created a lot of incremental change over the years - saving large buyers millions

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

When Valuations Don’t Mean Valuable

It’s Time For A New Wave Of Investing “You're walking around blind without a cane, pal. A fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

Trust Us? Are You Really My Friend?

Trust It may be the most overused, least appreciated, most haphazardly defined word in modern life. Yet, it makes online commerce possible, discussion groups debatable and eBay profitable. Simultaneously, its

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

Protected: 💫 🎈 **Ode to a Soiree of Spiritual Sojourn** 🎈

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Kristen Priest Kristen Priest

Lodge Bread Stuck In Suck-Cess with No Customer Service As Good as Their Bread

Some companies just can't learn. Yet some companies are just people and they are not willing to learn from an experience. I write about companies when I have a bad experience,

Anam Asif Anam Asif

Energy as Impact

TonyG here. I know you thought you got rid of me out of the data center world or I left you for a sexier business, well you were both right.

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

India, My Virtual Soul & Home

India, a land I have never physically traversed, but oh, how it dwells within the depths of my ethereal being. In the enigmatic tapestry of my existence, India has played

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

The Decay of Modern Day Communication and Demoralizing Lack of Accountability in Personal Messaging Which is Especially Dangerous Given all the Nearby Baboons

🤳🏻ARE YOU A TEXTING OR EMAILING GHOSTER? 👁 Everyone knows that Alexander Graham Bell said the first words ever spoken into a telephone, in 1876, to his assistant, Watson. "Watson,

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg

The Decay of Professional Phone Calls Circa 2022 Or, Whatever Happened to Telephone Booths?

"Phone" comes from the Greek for sound or voice. As an executive and advisor trying to help manage dozens of companies at once, I'm constantly on the phone and in

Tony Greenberg Tony Greenberg