We’re Tony Greenberg and Alex Veytsel, and we founded RampRate over 20 years ago on the premise of elevating the way business does business. For most of that time, we earned the trust of the world’s largest companies by using unique data to drive measurable improvement in strategy, sourcing, and client service.

We did well – but we also wanted to do more good, which is why 5 years ago we started our Advance advisory practice for impact-focused startups and an interlinked network of clients and investments that we call Syzygy Impact.

What we realized at that juncture is that we could take the same connections that allowed us to cut 24% of each IT budget we touched and use them to kick down the barriers for tech innovators. We could take the same business planning rigor that we used to guide Sony, Microsoft, or Intel on entering new markets and use it to help the leaders of tomorrow reach their potential. We could take our talents as connectors and generators of serendipitous partnerships and use newfound synergies to accelerate the trajectory of a whole ecosystem centered on tech, blockchain, self-sovereign identity, and wellness.

So that’s what we’re doing today – we find the next unicorns and gatekeepers to impact that will not just earn millions but also better millions of lives. We grok their vision while putting them through bootcamp to be ready for life-changing opportunities. And then we connect them with our Syzygy ecosystem and leverage the trust we’ve built in the Fortune 1000 to open doors few others can access.

The purpose driven economy is here. And its leaders, in one way or another, will be powered by RampRate and its Syzygy ecosystem of advisory clients and investments.

We’ve Done Well. Time to Do More Good
“Corporations and their investors are becoming more committed to a better tomorrow, while most nations are paralyzed and unable to deal even with their own existential challenges.” (Alex Veytsel, CSO at RampRate, Fortune Magazine February 25, 2022)

Here’s a snapshot of the organizations we have been collaborating with recently as advisors and/or investors:

Impact-Focused Finance

AngelList – The Fund LA I (LP)  the Fund invests in mission-driven, technology-enabled companies at the earliest stages. 

A Better Exchange (Investor) a marketplace of alternative investments to a global network of advisors, to help smaller companies attract new investors to raise capital and achieve greater liquidity. Market Size of over $70 Billion in committed capital.

Good Money (Advisor)Good Money is the world’s first digital banking platform where we make every customer an owner and allocate 50% of our profits to social and environmental impact. No greenwashing. On-ramp for consumer cryptoizing and real-time feedback on social responsibility of the dollars we spend and incentives to reward the companies that do good in the world.

Supernode Ventures (LP) – a generalist fund looking to support outstanding entrepreneurs in their journey to massively scale their companies. 

Tacit Capital LLC (Investor) a Private Equity firm investing across multiple asset classes and opportunities. Tacit Capital is committed to helping companies accelerate growth and build long-term, sustainable value. Tacit Capital’s relationship-based investment perspective creates lasting strategic partnerships focused on building the next generation of successful companies.

Unitus Ventures (LP) – India’s top social impact fund that has already impacted 1.2 million people

Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health (Investor) – invest in healthcare disruptors – the entrepreneurs that see how the healthcare industry is transforming itself and want to make a big difference.

Impact Technology & Innovation

Block.one (Investor) – Block.one designs free market systems to secure life, liberty, and property by publishing open-source software that is free for everyone to use. Raised $6b over 18 months, launched EO token and $1b in venture capital funds. 

CATO Digital (Investor, formerly VPS) – a new platform that allows data centers to fully utilize their power while offsetting their carbon footprint.

Codex Protocol (Advisor) – Codex is a decentralized registry for assets like art, fine wines, watches and more.

DEVxDAO (Consultant / Developer) a place where protocols, projects, and engineers work together to push forward the frontiers of emerging technology.

EOS, Hashgraph and other proof-of-stake platforms  (Connector),  – finding energy-efficient alternatives to crypto validation through a trust-based blockchain platform. We’re supporting node and block producer build-outs for these teams to ensure that these efficient platforms are trustworthy.

Menagerie (Co-Founder) – Menagerie unlocks the power of true grassroots community at work and at play by identifying and recruiting the optimal catalysts and then giving them the tools and incentives to generate positive action through a fair and equitable reputation economy. Built on 5 years of successfully running DAOs, this innovative toolset and service is about to take the world by storm and complete the metaverse puzzle. 

Nakji Network (Investor) – connects traditional web infrastructure to blockchains seamlessly for data consumers and data producers.

PERI Pynths Protocol (Investor) – a decentralized cross-chain synthetic issuance and derivative exchange protocol that provides unlimited liquidity on Polkadot network. It gives an opportunity to access a wide range of both traditional financial and crypto assets in the forms of leveraged and none-leveraged synthetic products. 

Redivider (Investor / Advisor) – enabling communities to benefit from the power of sustainable human-centered innovation and delivering the promise of the digital world to your neighborhoods by re-engineering every building block of data center infrastructure and holding crypto mining accountable to its impact on the planet.

Syntropy (Advisor / Investor, formerly NOIA Network) – a better Internet overlaid on top of existing infrastructure to instantly add security, privacy, performance, and reliability to any network – from setting up a global VPN in minutes to establishing fully encrypted communication that’s measurably faster on 80% of routes, to preventing massive costly network outages. A pioneer in bringing blockchain tech to the enterprise, Syntropy is ready to unlock the potential of a fully user-configured internet – whether it’s optimized for speed or social impact.

Zero Waste IT –  skunkworks excess capacity cloud compute competitive platform with board members including Howard Rubin, Peter Gross, Tony Scott and Brad Rotter. Kubernetes abstraction layer for provisioning bare metal, enabling a new technology commons for global load balancing of compute.

Media & Creator Economy

Baton (Investor / Advisor) Baton’s mission is to advance creative freedom through equality, accessibility, and inclusion. By giving everyone the tools, education, and connections to advance their vision, Baton is enabling a more fair creator economy.

SocialStack (Investor / Advisor) – The code-free social token platform that gives a damn, SocialStack enables creators and content providers who want to nudge their audience to do good and incent positive social action with tangible and intangible recognition.

VRWorkout (Investor / Advisor) – On a mission to add a million years of healthy life to humanity, VRWorkout is the only fitness application in the Oculus ecosystem that is designed from the ground up for best practices in full-body fitness, including high intensity interval training and true full-body workouts.

Personal Data for Good: Digital Identity, Transparency, and Personalization

Bluenumber (Investor / Advisor) – on a mission to change how people own, manage, and benefit from use of their digital identity and data – promoting that they must create their digital identity, own their data, and choose what to share, when, and with whom. As a ‘data cooperative’ of all B#ID holders, we are a stakeholder in developing global policy and standards by Governments and Companies that are truly fit for the future.

RAIR (Investor) – a platform that makes it possible to attach digital goods to an NFT using encrypted streaming – making today’s NFT multi-dimensional.

Solo Sciences (Board Member / Investor) – understanding provenance and attributes of agricultural products as medicine to help conduct meaningful research on health impacts and potential benefits. Enables an anti-counterfeiting service that is becoming the standard.

Yoti (Partner) – the next generation of digital identity verification, helping more than a million people around the world encrypt IDs and share fewer data.

Innovative Health & Wellness

Beckley Psytech (Investor)  dedicated to helping patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders by developing a pipeline of psychedelic compounds into licensed pharmaceutical medicines

MycoMedica (Investor) – Unlocking the healing potential of the fungal genome for people and the planet.

Paper Lantern (Advisor) – social commerce innovators who create and distribute entertainment-quality web & tv series with savvy digital customer engagement footprints that feature influencers, creators, and celebrities in culturally relevant topics such as cannabis, wellness, and creator culture.

TRIPP (Investor) – offer solutions for in-office and remote employee wellness. Spark greater creativity, empathy, innovation, positivity, and calm in the workplace. 

Wake (Investor) Fungi innovation for human wellness; helping humans transform themselves with medical and psychedelic fugy therapy and genomics-based integration.

Fortune 500 Clients

Our clients from the past 20 years have included some of the world’s top brands and largest enterprises. For a partial overview of those that have allowed us to talk about some of our work with them see our clients list, case studies, and testimonials.

Tony Greenberg

Tony Greenberg is a mission-driven human and life-long entrepreneur, the founder of RampRate and Syzygy, advisory firms around sourcing and impact. He’s a top strategist for Fortune 500 companies, and now fosters and grows projects with transformative potential, including blockchain technologies that democratize access to investment, reduce the potential for corruption, create a new economy, “and elevate the way business does business.” 

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Tony Greenberg

I speed through life building relationships, businesses and finding extraordinary people and contemplating the curious decisions they make. The premise of this space is to expose the bridges and chasms of trust, truth and bias that I encounter daily.

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