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I  speed through life building relationships, businesses and finding extraordinary people and the curious decisions they make.  The premise of this space is to expose the bridges and chasms of trust that I  encounter daily. My day job helps craft transactions between Fortune 1000 firms and IT  services providers. Outsourcing.  Done properly, this will remove the opacity  and friction around IT  services transactions that stop us cold from creating a fluid marketplace.

Always a few jobs, I am the CEO of RampRate Sourcing Advisors  and working on technologies that intend to be the most mystical syzygy of technology, humans and knowledge. @rampratetony

3 thoughts on “About TonyG

  • March 26 at 6:54 pm

    Looking forward to catching up! Good luck with Taste Corp., good name, allows you to diversify beyond wine.Can't wait for the update!

    Are those favorite blogs of yours on the right hand column? What a great idea! Which blog service do you use? (I use Woo, which is an overlay on wordpress).


  • December 9 at 12:39 pm


    is there something about people who feel they need to be thanked? the act of entitlement! isnt this what this is? When is Thank you just not enough.. Im lost with my own sense of guilt for not knowing what others need from me!


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