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I speed through life building relationships, businesses and finding extraordinary people and contemplating the curious decisions they make. The premise of this space is to expose the bridges and chasms of trust, truth and bias that I encounter daily.
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The Way Of DAO

As featured in Business World  In our lives, we seek the happiness

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Forward Health is a sideway step at best

Hey Adrian Aoun, CEO of Forward Health. Call me. I am a

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Psychedelics Could Become Extractive Capitalism—Unless We Hold Stakeholders Accountable

As published by   Reciprocity with Indigenous stewards of plant medicine

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Covid Deniers Need to Take a Breath

Anti-vaxxers swept up by false beliefs prolong the pandemic I thought this

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Hiding Fees & Tips in the Transparent Age is Just Bad Business

By Tony Greenberg “Clients don't expect perfection from the service providers they

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